19, Bradford. this is me

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  1. you think it’s pretty?
  2. wear it

okay but idk how i’m gonna wear you.

Oh you smooth fuck

you obviously haven’t read silence of the lambs

This went to a great place. 

Anonymous said: Hmm i suppose, you look nice either way :))

Haha well thankyou! :-)

Anonymous said: you're really beautiful!

aw no way! But thankyou ☺️

Anonymous said: Just ur dp and that selfie you posted look different :')

My dp was from like last year when I had better hair and was slimmer so that could be why haha! I think I look different in all my photos though!

Anonymous said: You look completely different to what i though you would. Still hella cute though..

Hahaha what did you think I’d look like!?

The Hotelier | Life In Drag

Who taught you how to hate yourself?
Who forced you to confide in spell?

(Source: kisskittyonthelips)

Anonymous said: What's on the wall behind you? You look to have some cool posters

Haha thankyou! There’s a picture of will smith that I got for my birthday, some stupid posters from magazines of average looking boys just to fill up some space, a hit the deck poster, trapped under ice poster, twiabp/empire empire European tour poster from when I saw them in Leeds, and some random little stickers/postcards in the middle

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